Pinewood Doors in Pakistan

While choosing doors in Pakistan, there are several elements to consider. However, among all important decisions, the selection of the material remains the most important one. Nowadays, there are several types of wooden doors available in Pakistan. The most popular among those are solid pine wood doors.

With exceptional qualities and a pleasing outlook, Westwood offers high-quality pine wood doors in Pakistan. Pine is exceptionally famous for its resilience and attractiveness when used as wooden doors. 

Do you know why people prefer wooden doors? It’s mainly because doors have a hard job to serve. Being the main source of the entrance, they have to act as a strong shield against the environment. Considering their utility, yellow pine wood doors come with great durability and also show resistance to humidity and moisture. 

Whilst pine wooden doors are perfect to use under great affordability, they are more prevalent and renowned for use as interior doors. The smooth texture of pine wood enables the doors to be painted for a renewed look. 

Thus, it means that if you are looking for doors with a feature to revamp the entire look after few months, pine wooden interior doors by Westwood are ideal for this purpose! 

Pinewood Doors Price in Pakistan

When it comes to the selection of a particular type of door, understanding different types of wood plays a crucial role in the process. The type of usage, the place, the location, and ultimately, the price of pine wood for doors is going to have a significant impact on your selection.

Pine Wood Doors

Therefore, Westwood offers unique and affordable price pine wooden doors in Pakistan. Depending upon the style and quality of wooden doors, the price of pine wooden doors starts from Rs.1900 sq/ft.

Within Westwood, there are plenty of pine wood door designs available in Pakistan. Since pinewood is relatively smooth in texture, therefore the immensely famous design of pine wooden flush doors is most loved by people. If you love to have a minimal appearance in your home, then pine wooden doors by Westwood must be your first choice! 

I know what you might be thinking! In comparison to paneled wooden doors, the pinewood flush door’s price also begins from Rs.1900 sq/ft. 

If you are looking for an affordable option, the pine wooden doors are best suitable for both interior and exterior of your home. Let, Westwood, be your ultimate companion in revamping your entire place.

Apart from pine wooden doors, imported kail, deodar, and Mahogany are some other captivating materials we use for door manufacturing.  

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Westwood is a top manufacturer of exclusive wooden doors in Pakistan. With years-long experience in this niche, Westwood offers a customization facility to valued clients as well. 

We believe in making our clients showcase their creativity and thus love to customize designs and materials. Our high-end and durable quality of wooden doors give us an edge over other competitors. Our services spread across the entire Pakistan. For further queries, contact us on 92-300-389-4217

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