Diyar Wood Door in Pakistan

Are you looking for a new door? If yes, then you must be overwhelmed by the diverse amount of doors, styles, and materials available in the market. 

Regardless of everything, all doors are meant to serve the same purpose. Doors are not only meant to provide beauty but the main purpose revolves around providing safety, security, and privacy. Therefore, doors need to be strong and resilient. 

Westwood deals in all kinds of authentic wooden doors. However, the most demanding are diyar wood door designs. I know what you must be thinking. Since all doors are meant to do the same job, then why choose a diyar wooden door?

Let me tell you, amidst looking for functionality people often forget that doors also provide tone to the entire interior.

Diyar wood, also commonly referred to as Deodar is famous for its; extremely smooth and even texture. Westwood Interiors offers affordable prices of diyar wood doors all across Pakistan. While selecting the right door for your place, it’s important to know that deodar wood doors are fragile and more prone to scratching, thus are not suitable as exterior doors.

However, if you are somebody who loves delicate and exclusive items for your place, then deodar wooden door designs are perfect for a unique and delicate outlook. 

Best Diyar wood door design in Pakistan:

Westwood offers the best designs of diyar wooden doors for both interior and exterior. The fine grains, even texture, and smooth surface of these doors make your place look more attractive than any other type of wooden door.

Mahogany Wood Doors

Moreover, moisture and heat repellent properties of the diyar wood door for the main door provide additional advantages and protection to your home.

Are you looking for some captivating door designs? Westwood has some in store for you. Keep reading ahead to know more about it!

  • Paneled wood door design:

As the name indicates, this style of door consists of wooden panels on the door. This design is relatively difficult to construct, therefore, paneled diyar wood doors are expensive than any other type of wooden door. 

The paneled design by Westwood not only looks graceful but it’s also a long-term investment that can last for years. Moreover, the pleasing outlook of these doors adds aesthetic value to your place. 

  • Sliding door design:

Apart from any other style of door, sliding doors are unique in so many ways. These doors not only add a modern touch to the place but are ideal for saving space. 

These doors are so functional, that you can easily slide them open or close. Moreover, depending upon the functionality and usage, you can get these doors customized in single or double doors by Westwood. 

Why choose us:

Westwood is the top wooden door manufacturers in Pakistan. Intending to bring innovation in home décor, we utilize imported quality material for manufacturing. 

Our services are spread nationwide. We believe in giving our clients a free hand to add their creativity through customization, thus provide unique products to our customers. For further queries, contact us on 92-300-389-4217 or visit our office.

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