Single Door Wood in Pakistan

There are a large number of materials that are used to make doors in Pakistan. Majorly doors are classified into exterior and interior doors. Thus depending on the type of usage, materials are determined. 

Doors are the gateway to the interior of the house. Therefore, everybody has the desire to make them look spectacular. Wooden doors are one of the widely used doors in Pakistan. Since wood is highly resistant to environmental disturbances and provides a beautiful outlook, therefore no other material could ever beat the demand for wooden doors. 

When it comes to wooden doors, they fall into several different categories. Single, double, folding, and sliding doors are many such subtypes of wooden doors in Pakistan.

Out of all these, single doors are most widely used due to their impeccable features and qualities. Single bedrooms have a huge demand. Ranging from the bedroom, bathroom to guestrooms, and kitchen, a single wood door is used as a savior!

Single door wood in Pakistan is not only famous for its great functionality. Instead, it’s more pocket-friendly than any other type of wooden door. 

Another factor that makes these doors a preferable choice is that they are quite minimalistic and offer better aesthetics. The phrase “More is less” suits perfectly the solid wooden doors. 

Moreover, these single doors can easily be customized into any desired pattern and design, which makes them look even more amazing! 

Wooden Single Door Design in Pakistan

Are you looking for a spectacular single-door design in wood? Well, here are some of the most loved designs for every gateway of home interior. Ranging from kitchen, patio, entrance, and bedroom, these single doors can suit almost every place. The list of designs are as follows:

  • Round Single Door Design:

The arched door design is common in Spain. Thus incorporating these wooden round single door designs brings a Spanish and modern touch to your home. These doors reflect a very minimalistic yet grand appearance to the entranceway.

Single Wood Doors

Since these round doors are not common in Pakistan thus, they are likely to make your home interior very unique and elegant. Add some lamps in the room with these round doors to enjoy a complete European vibe.

  • Entrance Door Design:

Entrances are what determine the impression of your house. A perfect blend of modernism and traditional art is a perfect choice for entrance doors. A patterned wooden door has both a minimalistic design and modern carving, which turn out to be the best wooden single door design for the home

  • Jali Door Design:

Well, enclosed houses with closed doors result in nothing but a suffocating home environment. Thus, to facilitate one’s connection with the environment, wooden single jail door designs are best.

 These doors come with a solid wooden boundary with a jail in between. Thus to keep the flow of air running throughout your house. 

Are you thinking of buying wooden doors? Westwood Interiors has its doors open for you. All the mentioned designs are available and are customizable as well. You can also get customized polish for a single door as well. 

Why Choose Us? 

Are you tired of the same old designs? Westwood can be your dream place as they offer high-end doors made with imported kail, mahogany, and deodar, etc. By being highly consistent with modern trends, we offer the newest design with an opportunity to get customization as well. 

Our services extend out in entire Pakistan. For any further queries, you can contact us on 92-300-389-4217.

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