Solid Wood Doors

When it comes to doing your home interior, it is important to give significant attention to the doors of the house as well. Doors are essential elements of any house, as they provide security and privacy from the outside. While serving their purpose, Westwood Interiors makes sure to keep in mind the much-needed style and aesthetics of the door as well.

Which type of door is best for the home interior? Before coming to the final answer, there are several considerations that you must keep in mind. These critical elements, including quality, material, longevity, style, and ease of maintenance, etc., determine a type of door suitable for your need. With having answers to all these considerations in mind, solid wood doors are best and ideal for any type of usage and go best with the home décor.

Are you facing a conflict between wooden and other types of doors? Let me tell you that wooden doors are the highest quality door available all across Pakistan. Solid wood doors in Pakistan are the most traditional choice for the general public. As the name indicates, these doors are purely made out of solid wood pieces. Solid wood door designs are crafted as per different designing instructions, and small parts are glued and put together to give a presentation of a unique door for your home interior.

Since first impressions last the longest of the time, therefore doors of the house matter the most. The first thing visitors notice is the art and craftsmanship which the manufacturer put into doors. Westwood deals with the customization of doors as well. This exclusiveness is what’s going to make your wood doors intriguing and unique. These doors are likely to pull of aesthetics similar to no one else’s. Want to know more about wooden door designs? Read ahead to know more about it.

Eye-Catching Solid Wood Door Designs

Just like each person is unique, so is their choice as well. Thus, keeping in mind the present trend of personalization, our doors are designed with unique patterns and designs. Some of our most loved solid wood door designs in Pakistan are as follows:

Solid Wood Doors

Paneled Design

For many of the people out there who love simplicity and elegance, panel solid wood door design is among the best choice. The simple yet attractive design on the main doors of the house looks great indeed.

This panel design can either be inwards, outwards, or embossed. The embossed and carved styles are recent modifications, hence make the doors look very urban and chic!

Weaving Design

Are you looking for some designer doors? If yes, then this design is definitely for you. While outer doors are made of simple and plain wood, the inner doors with an interesting basket-like weaving pattern add a very distinctive outlook to your living space.

The weaving pattern of the door makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor as well. An outer solid main wood door design with a weaving pattern makes the door quite artistic and a trendsetter indeed.

Apart from traditional styles, Westwood Interiors has in store a diversified range of designs for each type of living space. Made with authentic wood, all these doors can be customized to meet your demand for unique representation.

Solid Wood Door Price in Pakistan

When it comes to pricing, several factors determine the validity of the presenting price. Westwood Interiors deals in all types of authentic wood ranging from Imported cale, Ash, White pine and Deodar, etc.

Thus depending on the quality and durability of the doors, the solid wood door price in Lahore starts from Rs. 850 per sq. feet to Rs.2200 per sq. feet.

Westwood believes in giving their clients a free edge to add their creativity in designing doors of their choice. Thus depending on the requirement of the client, all above-mentioned designs can be customized into double/ single doors.

Why Choose Us:

Westwood Interiors is the leading manufacturer of wooden doors in Pakistan. Our selection of refined and high-end wood ensures greater longevity and a phenomenal outlook on your living space. All of our doors are made with authentic and 100% original material. Our doors are made with kail, Ash, Mahogany, Deodar, and many more top-notch quality wooden materials. Want to know more about us? Contact us on +92-300-389-4217 and let us know about queries. We feel happiest to get in touch with our clients!

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