Wooden Jail Door in Pakistan

Who said that wooden jail doors are only beneficial for industrial usage? With the passage of time and modifications, wooden jail doors are not restricted to industrial usage alone.

But instead, a sleek structure and modern jail double door design now look attractive thus, add a captivating look to any place. Westwood brings to you a revamp look of wooden jali doors for home, industrial, and many other places.
A perfect mix of wood and metal is sure to give your entrance a new makeover.

Apart from the outlook, the wooden jali door price is quite affordable as compared to the advantages it offers. Keep reading ahead to know more about it!

If you are somebody who always likes to try something unique, then wooden jali doors by Westwood are for you to try. Instead of opting for the contemporary paneled and glass doors, the incorporation of jali doors by Westwood is surely going to add a lasting impact to your place.

Especially, in humid places, these doors serve dual purposes. Along with safety and security, these doors let a constant flow of air pass through. Thus, the functionality of these doors boosts up to provide security and an airy environment for your place.

Wooden Jali Door Designs:

Jali doors are not ordinary anymore! The wooden jali designs for the main doors look exquisite. Not only this, but the wooden jali doors extend out to other spaces in the home as well. Their usage in the kitchen is now being quite trendy for so many obvious reasons!

For people who like simplicity and want to save up some space, the latest wooden jali door designs are ideal for such spaces. Westwood brings forward the newest and trendiest wooden jali single door design for you to choose from. Have a look at the following designs:

Wooden Jali Door in Pakistan

Symbolic Design

The symbolic design of the wooden jali door is a go-to design for any place. Whether home entrance, office use, or any other purpose, this style of the door is going to uplift the entire place.

Go for a complete wooden door with a cutwork pattern and jali beneath, thus resulting in a perfect door for the home entrance.

Simple Frame Design

Simple designs not only look fabulous, but when paired up with a solid wooden door, it gives a very unique entrance for your home. If you are looking for a design with no hassle, this is a perfect choice!

Chevron Style Design

When it comes to Westwood, it’s obvious to come along something really special. Therefore, the Chevron pattern of the door with jali is a perfect choice for a modern yet elegant outlook.

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Westwood is a prominent name in the niche of wooden door manufacturing. With great regard for our customers, we offer customization facilities as well. You can also get customized polish as well.

When it comes to quality, Westwood works to provide high-end products to the customers. Therefore, we deal in imported Kail, Deodar and White pine doors and much more.

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