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Ashwood Doors in Pakistan

Doors are what speaks for the quality and grace of your house. They are the first thing visitors come across. Therefore wooden main doors in Pakistan need to be good enough to leave a lasting impression.

When it comes to wooden doors, there are many different types of woods available in the market. Each of the types has its pros and cons. However, ash wood doors in Pakistan are extremely prevalent.

Do you want to know why? In comparison to other types, ash wood is neither expensive nor too cheap; thus, it suits the budget perfectly. Moreover, the light texture of ash wood makes it extremely flexible and beautiful to look at.

For the majority of quality constructions, homeowners in Pakistan utilize ash wood for interior doors. However, in commercial usage, ash wood has never failed to make its mark either. From moderate bending and little or no swelling and shrinkage, ash wood is one of the top reliable materials for both internal and external doors.

Since there are many other materials available in the market, you can look along and decide which type of wood best suits your budget and house. Read ahead to know about some eye-catchy designs to choose from!

We, as a team, are aimed at providing exceptional woodwork services and making changes to cater the needs of every single customer. We love to pay great attention to customer’s preferences and follow advanced standards for ensuring the best customer experience.

Our main goal is to provide 100% weather-resistant products that shine even for a lifetime of use. Our mission is to strictly adhere to the customer’s requirements and delivers a product that reflects a customer’s ideas.

Wooden Main Door Design in Pakistan:

As the name indicated, “main doors” are attached at the primary entrance of the house. They are most exposed to visitors. Therefore, Pakistani main door designs need to be welcoming and appealing for the visitors.

Wooden Main Door Pakistan

Imagine a small and cute pathway of the entrance with a bulky, heavy, and dark polished door. This definitely does not sound attractive! Therefore, the main door design must always be incongruent with the rest of the house for more incredible aesthetics.

When it comes to house main door design, these are not only restricted to stand for entrance main door designs. Instead, main doors also incorporate main bedroom doors, main hall, and guest rooms as well. The multiple main entrances and passages of the house demand exclusive and captivating designs of the door for installation.

Have a look at the following impeccable designs for installation at the main points of the house. They are not only likely to improve the aesthetics but are definite to leave your visitors spellbound!

The wooden main door designs in Pakistan are as follows:

Double Door Design

If you have sufficient space, add a double door to your entrance. This main double door design instantly adds an illusion of grandiosity at the opening. As the name indicates, double doors add double charm, beauty, and grace to your entrance.

Moreover, if you wish to keep one side shut, you can use it as a single door as well.

In comparison to mainstream single doors, these double doors add a modern impact to the home. When paired up with appropriate embellishments, this style of door gives a stunning outlook.

Modern Wooden Door Design

Wooden and glass doors are what you might have become tired of hearing. This modern door is a combination of wood and steel to induce and new and modern touch at the entrance.

Yes! You have heard it right. Wood and steel are two components when put together, give off a very exclusive and luxurious vibe to the entrance. This modern main door design includes steel stripes in the wooden door, thus provide a very minimalistic and modern vibe to the entrance.

Entrance Wooden Door Design

A simple yet aesthetic wooden double door can also be used as an entrance door. A plain entrance wooden door design can never become old. Thus if you want a door to match the simple outlook of your home, this is the best choice for your entrance.

Main Hall Wooden Door Design

Open spaces are high in trend. Thus to keep the trend alive in your guest room, add a glass wooden door as the main hall door. This main hall wooden door design allows you to see what’s going on either side of the door. Hence, it makes up an ideal space to have fun along with an aesthetic view to enjoy!

Wood Carving Design For The Main Door

Wooden doors are most famous for the versatility of designs it brings along. With wooden doors, the opportunity to have new and creative designs can never end. Instead of pairing up a door with glass, steel, or any other material, a simple art or carving can do the job of captivating the main door design.

Versace pattern is one such main door border design that adds instant hype to the door. The pattern gives an illusion of exclusivity. Thus, when placed at any entrance, it’s sure to amaze the visitors.

Apart from border carving, floral and abstract styles of carving are becoming famous all across Pakistan. With transitioning trends, the ancient art of carving is gaining global hype once again!

To your surprise, all the above-mentioned styles and designs are now within your reach! Westwood offers all such types of doors all across Pakistan. Imported cale, white pine, ash, and Deodar are some of the materials they utilize for door manufacturing.

This is not the bottom line yet! Westwood offers every type of customization for the doors as well. Do you have any images in mind? Come to Westwood and let them make you a door of your imagination. Moreover, customization of polish is also available.

Why Choose Us?

You all must be really bored of the same old designs of doors, right? Westwood can be your dream place for modern designs of the door. By being highly consistent with modern trends, Westwood offers the latest design and great affordability of wooden doors all across Pakistan.

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