Ash Wood Doors in Pakistan

Doors are one of the most significant and integral parts of a home. A house without doors can never be considered complete because they provide security and privacy to the home. 

Ever since their advent, there has been a recurrent modification in the manufacturing of doors. Primarily, plastic sheets and conventional materials were used as a substitute for a door. 

However, with certain advancements, wooden doors now stand as the most loved doors all across Pakistan. Wood is such diverse material, with so many types and designs that appeal to people so much.

Though designs and patterns have remained almost the same throughout these years, certain types are more prevalent than others. For example, in comparison to PVC and other materials, people prefer wooden doors for their impeccable features. 

Ash wooden doors are one such type of wooden door that is famous for their texture and flexibility. Ash is basically softwood which is famous for durability, texture, and flexibility. Solid ash doors are usually light or creamy brown in colors.

However, the ash wood price in Lahore is quite economical and pocket-friendly. If you want to add value and charm to your place, then solid wooden ash doors are a perfect choice to embellish your living space!

Ash Wood Doors Price in Pakistan

Wooden doors are the most reliable in terms of both quality and durability. However, due to escalating process of wooden doors in Pakistan. Steel, PVC, and plastic are some of the materials which came as substitutes to wooden doors. 

Many of the door manufacturers are even trying to replicate wooden designs with other materials. But guess what? Any other material does not give the same outlook and elegance as that of a wooden door. 

Can’t afford the high price of an exclusive wooden door? Well, let me tell you that there are still many different types of wooden doors that are pocket-friendly. Wooden ash doors in Pakistan are one such type of captivating door.

Ash Wood Door Lahore

Ash Wood door price in Lahore is starting from 850 per square foot. However, in other cities, the price may vary as per the price of sub materials involved. The price of the ash wood door in Rawalpindi falls in the same category as mentioned above. 

Some of the captivating ash wood door designs are as follows:

  • Paneled solid ash wood doors
  • Engineered ash wooden doors
  • Glass ash wooden doors
  • Semi-solid ash wooden doors 
  • Solid ash wooden doors 
  • Sliding wooden ash doors
  • Arched wooden doors

Westwood is a well-reputed brand for the manufacturing of wooden doors in Pakistan. They deal in all types of high-end and moderate categories of wooden doors. All the above-mentioned designs are available in imported kail, white pine, Ash Wood and mahogany, etc. 

To your surprise, you can get any of the designs customized as well. Furthermore, to assist the clients in the best possible manner, Westwood Interiors offers an opportunity for the customized polish of the wooden door as well. 

Why Choose us?

Westwood is a leading manufacturer of exclusive wooden doors. Our high-end quality and great regard for customers give us an edge over other competitors. Moreover, we believe in making our clients showcase their creativity and thus love to customize designs and materials. 

Our services spread across the entire Pakistan. For further queries, contact us on 92-300-389-4217, or visit G3, Jinnah Mall, Izmir Town, Main Boulevard Jubilee Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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