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A lot of us pay a tremendous amount of attention to adorning the interior of the house. Meanwhile, little heed is paid towards the exterior part of the house. Similarly, when it comes to the door, interior doors are primarily selected for beautifying purposes. However, in the case of exterior doors, resilience, safety, and security come above everything. Therefore, wooden exterior doors for sale are the highest in demand!

Moreover, first impressions are important; therefore, the exterior doors of the house need to look presentable. Nothing can ever beat the class of solid wooden doors. The first thing people are going to notice is the impression of the exterior doors of your house. This is why a great deal of mindfulness is required in the process of selection. 

When it comes to exterior doors, there are many types and designs of doors to choose from. Wooden exterior doors are the top preference among people. Do you know why? Wood is highly malleable. It allows you to choose from a diversified range of designs, patterns, and textures. Thus, it enables you to have really unique exterior doors for your house. 

Are you way too busy to get a custom-made exterior door? Well, not a big deal as pre-hung exterior doors are meant to save both time and effort! Read ahead to know more about it.

Exterior Door of Wood

Exterior Doors Design:

Once you step out to shop for exterior doors, there are several factors that mark the selection as an appropriate one. Apart from designing, one should also look for the resilience and security the door has to offer. Have a look at the following designs, which provide it all!

  • Square box door design:

If you are looking for plain exterior doors in Pakistan, a square pattern is one of the most trending designs for this purpose. This design of the door provides a very minimalistic yet modern outlook to the place.

  • Golden diamantes door design:

Whether you live in an apartment or a full-fledged house, this design is going to perfectly your requirement. A plain wooden door embellished with golden diamantes gives a very appealing vision of mirror work on it. 

In addition, the golden work perfectly compliments the dark polish of the door and gives a very majestic vibe to the entrance. This style of door paired with planters beside is definite to please the visitors at your place. 

  • Grill work door design:

Are you looking for exterior doors to buy online? Westwood Interiors has come for your savior. This intricate exterior door design paired with carved work on the sideways and paneled door along looks so ethereal. There is no exaggeration if I say that these are the most exclusive types of doors available across Pakistan.

To your surprise, all the mentioned designs can be customized as per your choice. Sounds fascinating, right? Westwood Interiors stands as a brilliant brand of wooden door manufacturer that offers every type of customization per the client’s request. Imported kail, white pine, mahogany, etc., are some of the high-end woods which are used in manufacturing.

Why Choose Us:

When it comes to why to choose Westwood Interiors, the answer becomes evident through our quality work. We deal in 100% authentic and high-quality wooden doors all across Pakistan. We assure to leave you spellbound with the designs and quality we have to offer. For more details, call us at 92-300-389-4217

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