Kail Wood Doors in Pakistan

Doors are the integral component of a house. These doors are what complete any living space. In almost every place of the house, a door is required in order to reach the stage of completion.  

Bedrooms, kitchens, guest rooms, bathrooms, and drawing rooms all demand doors for privacy and security. Being one of the most essential and integral components of house completion, one must have sufficient knowledge and information on different doors, their functionality, and prices. 

Doors are mostly made out of wood in Pakistan. However, due to the ever-increasing process of wood in Pakistan, people are switching to other materials as well. But guess what? These other materials, including PVC and plastic, etc., are neither reliable nor durable in their usage. 

The most common types of wooden doors include the ones made out of Mohagini, kail, and deodar, etc. Kail wooden doors in Pakistan are quite famous and economical as compared to other types of wood available in the market. 

Kail wood is commonly known as pinewood in Pakistan. Kail woods come out of pine trees. Do you what makes it so special? Due to its inexpensive price range, kail is famous for interior doors and is preferable for its great elasticity. 

Pakistani Kail Wood Doors

Are you looking for kail wood doors in Pakistan? Before you make an impulsive choice, let me tell you about some of its possible pros and cons, thus helping you decide better!

Kail Wood Doors

Kail wood usually comes in white or pale yellow color and is not prone to swelling and shrinking; this is perfect for interior wooden doors. However, kail wood is not that resilient; therefore, it is not ideal for exterior doors. 

Another aspect that makes it better than other types is that Kail wood is more affordable than any other type. In addition, the smooth surface of such wooden doors facilitates balanced paint and stain. But wait! Being softwood, kail wooden doors are more prone to dents and scratches. 

If you are looking to buy wooden doors, know that there is a diversified range of kail wooden doors design in Pakistan. Ranging from simple to artistic designs, the range is very versatile. Some of the most loved designs are as follows:

  • Grill work wood door design
  • Glass wooden door design
  • Abstract wooden door design
  • Arched wooden door design 

When it comes to price range, the kail wooden door prince in Pakistan starts from Rs. 850 per sq. ft, which is quite pocket-friendly. 

Do you want to buy kail wooden doors in Pakistan! Well, Westwood is the place you must trust with your home interior. They are the leading door manufacturer in Pakistan. All the doors they provide are made with imported, high-end wood. Imported kail, Mahogany, Deodar are some of the classical woods they use for door manufacturing. Moreover, customization of door designs and polish is also available at the client’s request. 

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With years-long experience in the field of door manufacturing, Westwood has now become a renowned brand for exclusive door manufacturing. Our craftsmen work with great zeal and handcraft all the doors to reach the desired potential.
Our services extend out to entire Pakistan. Moreover, we offer every type of customization for our clients. For more details, contact us on 92-300-389-4217 or visit our office in Lahore.

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